Residential Electrical and Generator Services in Missouri

Residential Generator Installation

Common Sense Electric is a proud dealer of Generac and Kohler generators. Our knowledgeable team will help you find the best generator model for your budget and needs, and ensure that installation is completed safely and effectively.


Residential Standby Generator Installation

A standby generators provides an additional level of reassurance that many homeowners find comforting. If you find yourself without power due to a storm or other accident or maintenance, a standby generator supplies a new source of power to keep your electricity running. For those who have young children, rely on oxygen, are elderly, or need to use other medical apparatuses, a standby generator is a wise investment in your safety.

About Our Generator Installation Process

We pride ourselves on being competitively priced for quality and safe generator installation. When we are contact about generator purchase and installation, we will personally come out and look at your property to assess the situation and give you an accurate quote. From there, we will figure out who your gas company or propane company is, where they’re located and what type of gas it is. Once we’ve given you your quote and you’ve accepted terms of services, we’ll order your generator and install it when it arrives. We install generators in two days, and usually in as little as one.


Residential Electrical Work in Mid-Missouri

Our certified and licensed electricians provide a variety of electrical services for residential projects. This includes work for electrical burnouts, electrical remodels, electrical rewires and lighting upgrades. Our electricians are licensed in each of the mid-Missouri’s towns and counties; and are able to perform the work you need in a reliable and timely manner.